Ember floor plan

Andrew Booker 2007-11-12 18:47:48

You will find this obsessively dork-like of me, but I've been considering a floor plan for the Ember gig on Wednesday. You're right. No self-respecting musician with any kind of life outside his/her own head would do this. But then, those people have to rehearse instead, so I'm going ahead anyway. I reckon if I'm going to invite people to play at these gigs, it would be the least I could do to make sure they have an area bigger than a tea tray to set up on.

The problem is that the floor space in Ember is not huge, is an odd shape, and we're limited a bit by having to leave some space in front for the bar people to get past with glasses and stuff. I went down there last week with a tape measure. It's important to get the best use out of odd-shaped spaces, but very easy not to. It would not be very helpful to have some early bird turning up, setting himself up in the middle of the largest space available, taping down all his leads and then disappearing for two hours. Not that I would expect that from any of Wednesday evening's lineup of decent considerate gentlemen. Especially since I will be arriving first.

My electronic drum kit needs about 1.4m x 1.4m, even though it is smaller than its acoustic parents. Actually the width is less important, I can probably squash in a bit laterally. What I do need is a little space behind me, otherwise I'll be bashing my elbows against the brick wall. Os has a keyboard and his laptop and audio interface units, Mike B has a crescent of effects pedals at his feat, and we're going to wait and see whether Michael Peters brings his transistor radio. We all need to be able to see each other, and be within close range of one of my floor monitors in the two back corners.

As usual with my attempts to plan stuff, we'll probably ignore this, but for the sake of having a plan at all, here's an idea of where we could go. I was thinking of Os and me going the other way round, but it makes better use of the space if I fit in the larger bit on the right, and reverse into that corner behind the wall. The only interesting thing to watch about me is the sticks going up and down, and those will be easily visible from the bar area. Os can then sit with his laptop and interface stuff against that weird sticky-outy bit at the back.

The two Michaels are probably interchangeable, however I've put them that way round so that the smallest number of leads go the longest distance (I record Mike B in mono, and will probably record Michael P in stereo), and also so that should anyone be watching, Michael P is in the most visible spot, as our guest this time. The rest of us will be back in a fortnight.

As for the wiring diagram... to be honest I'm still thinking about it. Couple of days to go yet. Nothing to worry about.


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