Ember wiring

Andrew Booker 2007-11-13 18:45:49

Other people rehearse for their gigs, I draw pictures and colour them in. And so, sinking further into nerdity, or thinking that a plan is better than no plan, here is a superficial wiring diagram for tomorrow's gig. This is to say, it is a wiring diagram. The tangled death-trap that covers the floor tomorrow evening may end up conforming to specification only in part.

I haven't gone into detail about what outputs from the desk are inserts, auxilliaries or masters, or which leads are balanced XLR and which are unbalanced, because I can't be bothered, but the colour coding shows you whose signals are going where.

Light blue is me, dark blue is Os, orange is Mike, cyan is Michael and black is mixed monitoring and PA signals (same thing). Sadly the real ones are not the same colour as they are in the picture, though every one is home-made, except for the headphone lead, which belongs to Os. The signals to and from the desk are just the ones that directly involve the players. I also use the desk for managing my effects, which I'll go into next month. I've made a bit of an assumption about the outputs from Michael P's setup, he wasn't exactly sure what he was bringing when I asked him a month ago, however, I have several contingency leads in case. So long as it's not 5-pin DIN or banana plugs.

I spent far too long last night bundling up various cables into looms ready for rapid deployment at 6.30pm tomorrow evening. I tell myself this kind of electrical admin is half the fun of doing these gigs. I was telling myself something quite different at 8.30am this morning, as I struggled to remain upright coming down the stairs.

See you tomorrow.

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