11th gig: Wednesday 28 November 2007 at Ember, EC1

Andrew Booker 2007-11-24 15:34:27

The following intrepid musicians will descend into the basement at Ember, 99-100 Turnmill Street, EC1M 5QP next Wednesday and fabricate another gig-load of really nice ambient and not-so-ambient music for bar-goers.

Achilleas returns after a great gig at the Plough a few months ago. The Laffsta once again takes charge of the low frequencies. Mike will spread his Bearparc of effects units (see what I did there?) on the floor in front of him and begin issuing a range of great sounds that carry only a passing resemblance to guitar. And we continue to stress-test Os to find the limits of his capability, giving him all the wires so he can record the gig this time, and provide two stereo mixes of the band, one for our monitors and one for the house PA, and do all his usual processing and looping, and play the keyboard. If he's melted into a smouldering pool and a pile of clothes by 10pm, we'll know we've over-done it.

All I have to do is bring some leads, some blank DVDs for Os to burn the audio onto before he packs away his laptop, and his keyboard stand, which I forgot to take to Norwich. Oh, and those electronic drum things... The reduced complexity of this gig, for me at least, is going to make it a whole lot more enjoyable, I know it.

If you've not been to Ember it's well worth checking out as a nice bar in a busy part of town. We'll be in the downstairs bit that they don't open until the latter part of the week, in a cosy but deceptively spacious playing area at the far end. I'll see if Ember will let me stick up one or two A4-sized posters on the doors to let people know we're downstairs. For that poster idea I've used a B/W picture taken by Daniel at the last gig.

This will be our last Central London gig this year, so if you've got the opportunity to come and see us then, take it, because if we come up with stuff as good as last week's gig there, it will be a terrific evening. We'll be back at the Plough in Walthamstow a week later on 05 Dec 2007, after which I look forward to putting my feet up in front of the fire, cracking open the chestnuts, sipping the brandy. And then getting up after about three minutes to go and do some site development, burn my fingers on the soldering iron, tap out the odd retrospective blog, and if I get really stuck for something to do, work on some drumming.

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