12th gig: Wednesday 05 December 2007 at The Plough, E17

Andrew Booker 2007-12-03 23:10:02

We're about to do our last gig of 2007, for which we will be appearing at the Plough, 173 Wood Street, Walthamstow, E17 3NU this coming Wednesday. Ambient music entertainment will be provided by the following skilled, experienced and unflappable improvising musicians. I have also listed their drummer for completeness.

Achilleas joins us after having to pull out of last week's Ember gig, thus apologies for not including him in the poster. Nick will be simplifying his setup from the last time he played with us, and I won't be forcing him to use my homemade effects junk either. Mike and Os will provide their usual ambient resourcefulness, plus Os will furnish me with half a dozen gigabytes of recorded audio at the end of it. Provided I remember the discs. Look, I've reminded myself. Brilliant, these blog things.

I say we'll be entertaining you with ambient music, in fact we tend to beef things up a bit at the Plough, because the audience there, rather than chat for the Regional Gossiping Championships, generally sit and listen attentively. So we often rock out more than we would in a bar, especially with Pulse Engine as the rhythm section. So if you've seen us at Ember (or Imbibe), expect a little more edginess, a little more cayenne pepper, a little more dirt. But only for some of the time. We might all be basking in Achilleas's mellifluous flutings, Os's shimmering textures and Mike's elegant ambient/lead guitar phrasing.

After this gig, I'll get to work on some downloads from the two gigs (this one and last week's at Ember). Plus I'll be finishing off some electronics, adding a few bits to the site, thinking about what we're going to do next year, eating mince pies, drinking all sorts of different liquid intoxicants, and lastly, doing a little bit of drum practice so as not to seize up completely before our next gig in January. Christmas at Improvizone. It's like the rest of the year, only with mince pies.

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