Five downloads

Andrew Booker 2007-12-17 21:55:31

Like the frogs at the bottom of my pond, this is a time of year when I like to do absolutely nothing. Shame then I'm busy as ever, listening through hours of recordings from the last two gigs and a little site development to fractionally increase the likelihood of people coming to the gigs next year, but mainly bits of tinkering that seem fun to me but are totally invisible to everyone else.

I'll be having a short pause for turkey-gobbling, wine-quaffing, pudding-igniting, charade-guessing, nut-cracking, cracker-exploding and log-burning for most of next week, but before I nod off, five more downloads to come from the Ember gig on 28 Nov 07, one for every day of this week, the first of which is up now. I will admit that I haven't done all the track-mixing yet, I'm saying this to make sure I do :)

One bit of tech work I'm going to have to tackle soon concerns server space. By the end of this week we will have used about 300MB of audio storage this year, and we're running out. My ideal solution would be to do nothing, as all of the downloads are generating hits, but there's only room for another ten or so, and my ISP is being very slow at upgrading in line with the ever-decreasing cost of disk space. This is annoying and pathetic, especially considering the other week I spent the equivalent of a year's hosting on a memory stick that has about twelve times the storage we used on downloads in 2007, or that you can go into Maplin, spend only three times as much, and get a thousand times my allocation. At the 2007 rates, that would be enough space for downloads for about another 1500 years! Any time you like, guys.

My next best solution would be to appear as if I was doing nothing, but park some of the older, lesser requested stuff on another server. They would take longer to fetch, because I'd maybe have to set up some ftp retrieval thing, but it would be on the less popular items so it wouldn't matter.

By far the easiest solution is to chuck away the older stuff (only items I had uploaded myself), but I really don't want to do that. I look back at every time I've thrown files away because I've run out of disk space, and I've always ended up chucking stuff I could have done with keeping. Also, it seems to go against the general paradigm of uploading things to online accounts, which we all take for granted as being permanent storage. This was brought home to me a few months ago when my ISP moved servers and dropped my webmail address book. It was annoying more than serious, but they've now broken the confidence I had of a safe place to keep stuff (I didn't think I had to back it up, I assumed that was their job) such that I still can't be bothered with re-entering everyone. You don't expect your flickr or YouTube or Google stuff to be thrown away after a few months because of an admin oversight, or because their servers are getting a bit full. And they have free accounts.

I guess I'm going to have to find some spare server space from my broadband connection (I know it's there somewhere, I haven't logged on for about 18 months) and set up some kind of silent ftp link. Snore. Time for another mince pie.

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