Fire at Ember: 16 Jan 2008 gig cancelled

Andrew Booker 2008-01-12 18:35:33

This coming Wednesday's gig at Ember will not be happening following a recent fire at the venue. In the absence of any details from the management, all bets are off as to when they will re-open, so I've taken the Ember gigs off the list for the time being. The first for the chop was to be our appearance this Wednesday.

We'll be at the Plough on Tuesday 15 Jan 2008 as planned, except minus Scott, who has just contracted some nasty fever bug illness type thing. Nick, Oli, Peter and I will either cover for him ourselves, or I might invite another guitarist if I can find one who can do gigs at two days notice.

And it was all going so well.

After the Tuesday, it's on with the new Timberlands for me and back out to find our next venue.

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