Gig: Aimless Mules at the Plough, E17 on 17 April 2008

Andrew Booker 2008-04-14 17:45:37

Long, long ago, a group of friends formed a rock band. Through various sparsely-intervalled misadventures, the band rehearsed on. And off. At one point in the not so distant past, they picked up a guitarist. Michael Bearpark. A little while later they picked up a replacement drummer. Andrew Booker (me).

Finally, next Thursday, after years of occasional forward staggers, Aimless Mules will take to the stage for their first ever gig. It will be a blast. It will be a totally different kind of blast to the Improvizone gigs, at which Mike has been a regular. This will be my first acoustic drum gig since Pulse Engine, ie for at least four years. That reason alone would be enough for me to look forward to this gig, but the songs are great too, a blend of 80s goth americana with intermittent ska elements. Oh, and they're songs. Remember them?!

Check out the very-recently-constructed MySpace page for listenables, but also don't forget the couple of related Improvizone downloads, ie this one and this one, both of which are great, even if they tend towards the lighter end of the band sound. In summary, here are the gig details...

Thur 17 April 2008, The Plough, E17.

Hope you can come!

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