Gigs begin again

Andrew Booker 2008-05-11 22:34:31

I've kind of missed playing. I've been getting along OK with my visuals projects. And our downloads page hasn't had a new entry in three months. And I've been spending a little time scheduling one or two more Aimless Mules gigs (no they're not listed yet). So it's time we stacked up a few more Improvizone gigs.

On Wednesday 28 May 2008 we'll be downstairs at Ember. They have now been back in business for almost a month, good for them, and this was another prompt to get back into Improvizone gigging. We'll be fixing up regular gigs there later in the year, probably from July. Something for us to discuss at the gig. After Ember on 28 May, the following Wednesday 04 June 2008 we'll be at The Plough, E17. I like the place. They don't mind us. It's five minutes in the car from my house. As is the current third entry in the gig diary, in October. This is our part in the Woodford Festival, which I found out about through one of our free-through-the-door-glossies and thought, no way, a musical festival where I live? Cool! We're playing at Switch Bar, George Lane (East), South Woodford on Tuesday 07 October 2008. This is a bar situated so close to the tube station, you can probably hear people beeping their Osyter cards in and out. It will be the most local gig I've done of anywhere I've lived. I confess I have avoided this area for a reason... but I forget what it was :)

I have also had my eye on a few other Central London venues which, for variety, it would be fun to try out. More likely, it will turn out that I either I can't be bothered, or they don't want bands, spit, and we will never play anywhere else for the rest of our lives. Hopefully there is an achievable happy medium between those two. And hopefully she can tell us our fortune.

I know you are thrilled, quite thrilled, to hear that I've been getting on OK with the visuals. Thanks. I'll tell about it next time. But also, between now and the gigs, I'm going to plug in a condenser mic, gather a sundry and diverse collection of unnamed objects, cheap, expensive, some belonging to me, press record, and hit them. That's right. Finally I've going to use the SPDS sampler that I bought over a year ago, getting cheaper and cheaper in the shops as each month passes, like it was some piece of real estate. Finally I'm going to record samples, and play them in the gigs. Yes I will. I believe people were doing this as recently as... 25 years ago.

So they were. Now, where the blazes are my slippers and tobacco?

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