Gig: Aimless Mules 27/28 June 2008

Andrew Booker 2008-06-25 13:01:17

They're back. The Lost Little Horses trampled their way through a great first ever gig at the Plough a couple of months ago. They return with one... neigh... two gigs, the first at The Plough again this Friday 27 June 2008, the second the day after at The Chingford Festival.

Aimless Mules are Oxfordshire historian and house renovator Chris Wild on vocals, Durham-domiciled pensman and psychologist Chas Fernyhough on one guitar, Hertfordshire's finest experimental ambient lead guitarist and Improvizone regular Mike Bearpark on another guitar, Vigier-with-two-PP3-batteries-inside-it bassist Nick Regan, plus me on acoustic drums. For me, this auspicious couplet of gigs will be all the more something-or-other because I'll be using my acoustic drum kit. Yes. I don't use that very often. No. Most of its drum pieces are older than me. But hey, they're round, covered in tight bits of plastic, and you hit them.

In case you missed Chris giving the audience the Ai-Mu website details at the Plough last time, here's a proper link to www dot myspace dot some other stuff. Priceless.

We will playing a total of ten songs at the Plough. This is basically as many as we can play right now. Thus, to fill out the evening, we will be deploying an excellent support group in the shape of acoustic-guitar-and-drums duo Cameron James and Tim Nash, whom I saw a few weeks ago downstairs in a bar in the West End (a possible Improvizone venue candidate). Their MySpace page has a cache of sweet low-key folky songs, but they are a much more upbeat and vibrant live act.

Timings: Cameron and Tim will probably start around 8.30pm, the Mules will kick in around 9.30pm. It will all be over by 4am. Actually it will all be over by 10.30pm, after which I'm packing up and clearing off to bed, because at lunchtime the next day it's... dun dum daaaaaaahhhhh....

The Chingford Village Festival. If you follow that link above, you won't find us listed. We're replacing another band in The Chingford Assembly Hall, Station Road, Chingford, E4 7EN from 1.50pm-2.10pm, twenty whole minutes. After that I'm off for a pasty and some candy floss. They'd better bloody have it. My dentist advises flossing daily, who am I to contravene such worthy advice. This gig should be a blast, not least because it will feature the seldom-aired Nick Regan Amplification Unit (by Trace Elliot I believe), which hopefully will be so loud it will shatter concrete and dislodge fillings. Starting with mine.

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