Improvizone at the Woodford Festival

Andrew Booker 2008-10-04 22:30:16

Today (Saturday 04 Oct 2008) was the beginning of the first Woodford Festival. This is a new venture with funding from Redbridge Council and organised by local music aficionado Ron Wortley-Millek. I found out about it earlier this year and had to get involved. I even went along to a couple of the meetings, held in a local school theatre that I had no idea existed. A gig I wouldn't have to organise, a mile or so from my house, with programme leaflets inserted through 22,000 letterboxes in the local area, paid for by local council tax payers, of whom I am one...? Where do I sign. And as the Laffsta points out, anything with the word festival attached has got to be good news.

Improvizone are taking part by playing an evening of chillout electronic grooves and soundscapes in a bar near South Woodford tube station called Switch. The lineup for this one will be the regular Improvizone London bar band of

We're going to be packing ourselves into a floor space the size of a couple of doormats, like all improvising bar bands should be able to, and one of us is even going to be sitting on a riser thing they have especially for DJs. It would typically be the seated drummer that goes there, but we all sit down in this outfit, and I'm not sure I'll fit, and Mike's just as interesting to watch as me, so he might be the better podium exhibit on this one.

Besides thinking about where we're going to sit, and making a poster, I've yet to prepare for this gig at all. While I'm slightly uneasy about this, it is what these gigs were supposed to be about when I first had the idea. I wanted a regular gig that I didn't have to go to much trouble organising or preparing for. Cue many busy months of organising gigs and preparing stuff, this website and all its contents, tracking down players, finding venues... to honest this has worn me down a bit, one reason why there isn't a lot in the diary right now.

Anyway I fully expect a couple of hours of watching Mike, grooving with the Laffsta and listening to Os fill the spaces with textural layers processed in Ableton Live through his own plug-ins will be the medicine that revives my enthusiasm, and you may be able to see us again for one or two more Improvizone gigs towards the end of the year. Dunno yet.

I will probably not bother with the projections for this gig, as the Switch Bar don't have a big screen. They do have TVs and a DVD player, but last time I tried to burn a DVD of my visuals, it took several years off my life expectancy and I developed a nervous twitch. Probably from watching the material.

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