Sorting downloads by gig

Andrew Booker 2009-01-18 22:11:28

I did a tiny bit of development on the downloads listing options so that you can now sort downloads by the gig they came from.

As usual where the headings appear as links, you can sort by them, in this case by date and venue. Downloads that are not recordings from Improvizone gigs do not appear in this list.

I had the idea of doing this only very recently, but I look at it now and it seems to be such an obvious inclusion, I wonder why I never thought of it before. The answer may be that in the olden days, when trouser legs were wide, photos were grainy, and people who got out at Bank tube station at 8.45am sometimes wore bowler hats, ie about 18 months ago, Improvizone gigs were monthly and I would spend the interim days mixing the good bits from the previous gig and uploading them before the next one. So you always knew which download went with which gig, because they listed the players and were all in order.

Last year, the gigs became more irregular and infrequent, as I got lazy and one of our venues caught fire. Those are unconnected circumstances, I swear. For one reason or another I didn't upload stuff, either because there was no gig, or at the time I didn't like the gig, or there was one immediately following it, or the bass didn't record properly, or the gig was so good I thought the whole thing could go onto a CD, or whatever.

Then, a month or so ago, I started putting together a couple of new CDs, and I'm about to press copies of one of these this month. Even though they're free, same as our downloads, I never like to repeat material, preferring to keep it exclusive either to the site or a CD. So both CDs contain unused material from gigs. And in the process of listening back to the unused gig recordings, I've been coming up with new downloads from them.

You can see from the downloads summary on the gigs page that some gigs have only one or two downloads. At the time of writing, a couple of rows are completely empty, where I still have not uploaded anything from that gig. For example, I had completely neglected our 30 July 2008 gig at the Plough, with the Laffsta on bass and Chris Cook on sitar. All I remember at the time is that we had glitches all over the recording, and in my initial listen I never got further than the first 15 minutes. I listened to the whole thing properly last month and found at least three excellent pieces, two of which I've uploaded already (here and here).

A couple of months before that one, we had played at the Design Museum, which as a venue was a very nice catch, and the textural duo of Os and Steve Lawson filled the cavernous spaces with exactly the indefinable futuristic mystery it needed. I myself didn't have a great gig, owing to technical problems and generally getting worse at playing the drums as each hour passes. Perhaps tempered by that, my quick listen back at the time didn't overwhelm me with enthusiasm. Listening back now though, there are at least two good pieces in there, one of which I might use on one of the new CDs.

And so on... meaning that whereas at one time the downloads were all nicely naturally in gig order and you could find things, now they are all over the place, and the disorder is getting worse. Or better, if disorder is your thing.

I'm going back over the recordings now and will try and make sure every gig has at least one recording. Even from this one, which as I commented at the time was a disaster compared to the gigs up until then. And in hindsight, as much of a disaster compared with all the gigs since. So forgive me if I only manage about three minutes from that one.

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