What is Improvizone?

Andrew Booker 2007-01-11 21:02:13

The Improvizone plan is to hold a regular improvisation gig in London, with half-a-dozen people making up an evening of surprising, exciting and beautiful music using only their playing skills and their gear. The rule is everything must be improvised. No rehearsed, sequenced or prerecorded material. We like effects and gadgetry, but what we want above all else is people playing instruments together.

Improvizone is for open-minded musicians who like jamming, who are maybe into jazz, or who hang out in the chillout room when they go clubbing. Anyone can play, provided we hear from you first, ideally through this site.

What Improvizone is not

A jam night
Jam nights are where anyone can turn up and play, and where players jam around known tunes. We don't do that. We make stuff up on the spot, and so we need to be selective of who gets to play. Anyone is potentially welcome to play at Improvizone, but we like to check you out first by getting you to submit some audio to the downloads page.
Free jazz
Ahh yes, the atonal saxophony, the random kit punctuations, highly skilled matter and gripping at times, plenty of that going on already. We're a bit more... straightforward.
As above, plus interesting home-made devices. Lots of that going on already elsewhere too. Music for cello, sampled noises and wooden ethnic percussive curiosity strapped to the naked thigh. Certainly the Klinker Club had that base covered last time I played there. Instead, the kind of experimentation we're into is verifying that playing in a certain way, or through gear in a certain configuration, really does sound as cool as you thought it would.


The aim of Improvizone is to provide something you cannot already find in London. If you want improvisation, it seems you have to have one of the above. We want to offer an alternative, and we want it to be an attractive proposition to people who think they don't want to hear improvisation. All music, however popular, was made up at some point. We want to make it up front of you. Nobody will be crafting pop songs before your feet, but on our downloads page, you can hear what we hope to come up with.

The first Improvizone evening will be happening very soon. Promise.

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