25th gig: Wednesday 10 June 2009 at The Plough E17

Andrew Booker 2009-06-04 22:38:37

Improvizone return, or is it returns, to The Plough next Wednesday 10 June 2009 for another semi-unpredictable evening of, and this is the plan at least, relatively calm and chilled music. It can get a bit noiser and busier sometimes, and in truth we don't mind that. We even made a CD out of the mainly noisier or busier stuff to prove it.

Our regular ambient soundshaper Os is away on baby duty this time, so we're going a bit Old Skool with a lineup of two guitars, bass and electronic drums. We welcome newcomer Ben Lubin on guitar, who I've not actually met yet, and when it comes to improvised gigs that is exactly how I like it. But, yes, I also relax very easily of an evening surrounded by people I know, so it's Michael Bearpark on guitar and Nick Cottam on bass, both such regular contributors they're almost part of the wiring.

Without Os, I will be recording, and I was thinking of doing some basic looping this time using either a room mic or a live mix of instruments. Or I could just concentrate on playing the drums. I'll have the full electronic kit this time, having plumbed the depths of interesting sounds in the SPD-S, which I've used by itself for the last three gigs. If nothing else I miss being able to whack the sticks a bit harder onto an area greater than the size of four postage stamps every time I want to play a drum sound.

I'll be doing visuals and making sure the lighting is dim enough for people to be able to see them. Without Os we won't be videoing, so I don't care if nobody can see us. On the subject of visuals, that's an image of my right eye, courtesy of my local optician, who is the latest in a short line of people to be a bit concerned about my slightly high eye pressures. I've had gas blown and probes poked into my oculars for a couple of years now and the novelty really has worn right off. On this occasion, though, I was very pleased that my new optician, after locally anaesthetising the lamps and administering the odd prod or six with the pressure pen, expressed her further precautions in the form of a splended hi-res JPEG of each. I might even try and make some video out of them, if I can find a spare couple of weeks to figure out some clever bitmap choreography. The dark spot below-left of centre is the fovea, by the way. I was relieved to learn it is supposed to be there.

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