2nd gig: Wed 28 Mar 2007 at Imbibe, SE1

Andrew Booker 2007-03-21 00:37:31

The second Improvizone gig is happening on Wednesday 28 March at Imbibe, 173 Blackfriars Rd, SE1 8ER. Admission free. Nearest tube Southwark, nearest rail Waterloo East, buses 45, 63 and 100 stop right outside. People in the bus can watch us for a few seconds before being driven away, wishing they'd got off and gone inside to listen. This is why I spent a month looking for a venue where we could set up by the window.

The players this month will be

If you enjoyed watching Tibo Remy and Nick Cottam at last month's terrific first gig, they'll be back soon. At least I hope they will. (Please, guys!!) Meanwhile, we'll try a slightly different format for this gig.

E-drums + Mike B (30 mins)
Last time we began after 8pm, and sort of drifted into playing. The drifting-in bit was excellent, but possibly a bit late, so Mike and I will try and drift-in a bit earlier, soon after 7.30pm.
E-drums + Scott (15 mins)
Scott missed his duo last month, so we'll include it next.
Mike B, Tim + Mike C (10+10 mins)
Listening to the spitting, crackly recordings from last month, Tim and Mike B complimented each other very well, so pairing them up seems like a good idea, with Mike C giving it some low frequencies. After 10 minutes I'll join them adding some background beats, hopefully doing so without a 10-minute changeover.
Tim, Scott + Mike B. (20 mins)
The rhythm section will clear off and we'll have a lovely guitar trio. These guys can go on for as long as they like, as far as I'm concerned, while Mike C and I sip non-alcoholic cocktails and eat expensive refrigerated bar snacks.
E-drums + Tim (15 mins)
After that, Tim and I will attempt to repeat what we did last month. It will sound totally different. This is not a problem. I just want a good recording this time. The laptop, the minidisc and the dictating machine will all be having a go, probably.
Everyone (30 mins)
Finally, we'll all have a couple of nice long stretches, taking us up to no later than 10:30pm. If last month's was anything to go by, this section is going to be properly cool. Then again, if the last gig is anything to go by, I'll have completely Bysched the running order by this point.
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