27th gig: 05 Dec 2009 at The Luna Lounge

Andrew Booker 2009-12-02 00:58:38

Improvizone will reappear for one last showing this year at a new venue, The Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HG this Saturday 05 Dec 2009 at around the usual time of 8pm.

New venue, new player. Chas Fernyhough will be travelling down from the other end of the country, the northern end, somewhere near Durham. Somewhere near the North Pole, in other words. How I would love to be somewhere cold over Christmas, rather than in this temperate, gusty, body-heated London crampedness. How can I enjoy a mince pie and a single malt in these conditions? In fact as we creep into December it has got refreshingly colder. This morning it was two degrees centigrade in the solar shed, and yes, all my electronic drum gear is in there, and yes, I am expecting all my stuff to work on Saturday.

Chas will traverse the lanky length of the country bringing his guitar and effects and will join regulars Mike Bearpark and Nick Cottam for an evening of rock-ish ambient-ish stuffs and thing. For proof that we like this direction, listen to some collected bits and pieces on our current free CD we started handing out earlier this year.

If I joke about Chas coming down from the wild, rugged, probably arctic upper latitudes of England, I neglect the point that for this gig, the entire band will comprise men from Essex. Chas and Mike are from Brentwood. I'm from Maldon, of sea-salt and mud-racing fame, which is also where Nick has lived since as long as I've known him. Just thought you ought to know that.

Let me check, yes, this is the first time we've gigged on a Saturday. Thus far I've not thought of us as a Saturday night band, then again, it takes all kinds. I, for instance, like to spend my Saturday nights doing very, very little. And so, for the segment of the Leytonstone populace who have enough energy to venture out of the house on a Saturday night, but are totally done with flinging their bodies around some overpriced strobe-lit sweatbox, to which they must wear smart clothing, we present a milder, more temperate but occasionally pulse-quickening evening of, I predict, quite nice stuff.

Let me check, yes, our last gig was back in July. If I remember, I had booked the gig at the end of February. I can give you an idea of the wading-through-molasses pace at which I am currently operating if I tell you that Os mailed me about the venue on 28 April 2009. I eventually made it over there on 24 July and spoke to Suja, the owner, who was sufficiently keen he offered us a gig the following evening. When I finally rang Suja back to arrange a gig, it was 27 October. Eight months. One Improvizone gig booked. Venues get built, opened, pissed in, set on fire and closed down in less time than it takes me to sort out a gig. And still people want me to organise their gigs for them.

If I can safely say I am no good at getting out and organising gigs, at least I have been trying to breathe some new life into my playing instead, by indulging in regular short practice sessions in which I attempt yet another barely playable and even less usable pattern. But it's OK, because I now document them on my drum practice page for everyone to peruse in a variety of representations, and spend most of my evenings trying to get other people's javascript to do basic Web 2.0 things with charts and lists. Check out my doings on the drum practice page, and be sure to wait a good thirty seconds without page feedback before anything appears. I'm that good.

What I have not concentrated on is the software side of my drum sounds, and partly this is because Os will not be with us at our next gig, so I will need the laptop for recording, and it not to have other unnecessary loading. Plus I have no idea whether my drum stuff even works with Cubase. So instead I've cobbled together a stash of samples and uploaded them onto the SPD-S. I have tried this before, and found the process a major pain in the head, and one not conducive to coming up with a load of new sounds every gig. However, in review, the endless button pushing and selecting and copying was not as bad as I thought. And so I've been chopping up dirty samples of my acoustic drum practicing and will be trying those out at the gig.

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