To-do list

Andrew Booker 2007-04-01 23:11:17

Can't remember when exactly, probably around May 2006, my thoughts were, I know, I'll do a monthly improvisation gig! I won't have to rehearse, it'll be a doddle, we can all just turn up and play, then go home and forget about it until next month.

Ho, what a nitwit I would have been to have dismissed this project as something so trivial. True, we don't rehearse for Improvizone gigs. Historically not true, even, I did several trial sessions with future Improvizone people, going back to 2005. But just because we don't rehearse now, there are plenty of other things to keep me busy between the gigs.

For entirely my own benefit, here is my list of things that need doing between one gig an the next, roughly in order. Some of these take a few minutes, I just need to make sure I do them. Some take days and days and days...

See, it's a lot.

Depending on the calendar there are either four or five weeks between gigs, which means I have to cover one of those eleven items approximately every three days. Except, because I don't do this for a living, I don't have whole days to do this stuff. I have maybe three hours a day, tops. And I have just got to stop going to bed at 1:30am.

And there's other stuff too.

Good thing there's some terrific live music coming out of it all!

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