29th gig: 31 March 2010 at The Plough E17

Andrew Booker 2010-03-22 23:02:16

We'll be at the Plough again on Wednesday 31 March 2010. The players this time will be...

We welcome back Simon Taylor on trumpet. Simon joined us for a couple of gigs last year and blended some superbly restrained but explorative playing into our eclectic electrical sound. Also we welcome Ken Whaley to his first Improvizone gig. Ken plays with The Green Ray, who are regulars at the Plough, and were the first band I saw there three or four years ago. I can't remember if we had started Improvizone by that point, but when we needed a new venue in August 2007, I suddenly remembered the Plough, and we've been playing there regularly since. So in a way I have the Green Ray to thank for most of the last two and a half years of Improvizone gigs. I always pay attention to the bass player when I go to gigs, especially to Ken's fluid bluesy jamming, and I have wondered how he might get on at playing at one of our Improvizones.

I'll be using the electronic drums again, having lately devoted a few fractions of an hour here and there to sampling more noises from battered rehearsal room drums and household objects just before they get thrown in the bin. Idea! I could sample the bin too! Original.

In case they don't have their projector lamp fixed yet, I wish I had time to make a video entirely the red spectrum. In the event that the unit is still functioning at all, this should suit the yellow wash from the ailing light bulb, and to our additional advantage, will blend with the walls.

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