30th gig: 07 April 2010 at CB2, Cambridge

Andrew Booker 2010-04-06 22:26:44

After three years of describing ourselves as a London-based live music entity, this Wednesday Improvizone are descending on the downstairs area of CB2, 5/7 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD for much the same evening of live ambient chillout music as we sort-of generate at The Plough, or wherever else in The Big Smoke, as I never call the place. The players at CB2 will be...

After a long delay we welcome back The Legendary Maestro Steve Binksy Bingham on electric violin. Steve last joined us back in 2008 during the run-up to the No-man gigs, which featured Mike, Steve and Yours Occasionally. At the time, I felt bad about dragging him all the way down from Ely or furtherabouts to do a quiet gig in Walthamstow, and have been considering a Cambridge gig ever since. This is it.

Besides its handy proximity to Mike, Os and Steve, other reasons for playing in Cambridge are all rather lightweight and vacuous, thus explaining the eighteen months or so it took me to find a gig there, or that I'm posting this less than 24 hours before we will be appearing there.

One, I like the place. I occasionally hung out there during my student years, jealous of the close-knit student community that seemed not to exist in London. Plus I once picked up a vinyl copy of Eddie Jobson's Zinc album in the market. Two, it's straight up the M11 for me. Three, Darkroom have a history of playing there, including at CB2 itself. In fact everyone knows how to get there except me and Nick. Four, and this is just my natural prejudice kicking in, if I'm interested in anywhere north of London within reasonable distance of us all, where we might find people with a passing interest in our brand of live low-ish intensity exploratory ambient electronic music, chief suspect would be Cambridge sooner than Canvey Island. Canvey Island is too far. Of course, if anyone wants to convince me that either Bishop's Stortford, Great Chesterford or Six Mile Bottom is a preferable epicentre of well-attended musically unusual evenings, speak! Or better, email! Or even better than that, turn up at CB2 and tell me in person!

Meanwhile, we'll be recording the whole thing as usual, so that I can get round to doing mixes from it some time before the 2016 Olympics. Therefore if you're interested in how we get on without our usual comforting surroundings of the Cockney tongue, the jellied eel, or the more contemporary set of 370,000 roadworks, best come and check us out, or you'll be waiting a little while before finding out from our downloads.

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