3rd gig: Tuesday 24 April 2007

Andrew Booker 2007-04-14 00:25:13

The third Improvizone gig will happen at the usual time and place on Tuesday 24 April 2007 7.30pm.

Imbibe, 173 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8ER, 020 7928 3693
Southwark (Jubilee Line, 2 mins)
Waterloo East (rail, 5 mins)
45, 63, 100 (buses, stopping right outside)

Free admission.

The lineup this month will be the following collection of highly gifted musicians. With me. Four out of five is a clear pass. At least it was when I was at school.

Between the five of us we will be fabricating an evening of very cool, occasionally edgy ambient-ish improvised music. If that description means absolutely cack-all to you right now, come and watch and listen and you'll find yourself agreeing with me to the letter. To the hyphen. Or come and don't watch, just chill out and chat, this is a bar not a mosh pit or a concert hall. And correct me if I'm wrong, only I'm pretty sure they don't give you your change on a tray.

As I was saying, the five of us will make up the gig as we go. One way we will achieve variety over the evening is by shuffling ourselves around in smaller groups, before all playing together towards the end. Like this:

Or in some other order we end up following. All in all amounting to roughly two hours playing in total, covering three hours on the clock with changeovers between sets. As always, everyone plays for at least an hour and everyone plays with everyone else. What we've found in previous Improvizone gigs is that the whole thing works much better if there's some percussion going on. Not necessarily from me. Bass players and vocal loopists can be equally as effective, hence Jem and Si will be honorary beaters for the evening. No doubt vastly improving on the sections augmented by a real [sic] drummer.

If you are a musician and this whole thing looks appealing and you'd like to take part one day, please get in touch. Ideally upload some audio if you've got any improvisation recordings, or point us to your MySpace page, homepage, etc.

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