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Andrew Booker 2007-01-14 00:04:44

The purpose of this site is to consolidate and promote cool improvised music in London. The best we can do to promote good improvisation is to go out and play gigs. But we want to keep in mind what good improvisation is, which is why this has a list of examples that we can all discuss and rate between us.

At the time of writing, here's what you can do on this site.

Download audio
Listen to recordings of improvised music by people who have played, are about to play, or would like to play at an Improvizone gig, or who just posted some audio for the hell of it. All the audio on this site is free for you to download and share with whoever you like according to these Creative Commons License details.
Upload your own audio
To play at an Improvizone gig, we want you to upload some audio onto the site. It must be a recording of you improvising with at least one other person. The focus here is on group improvisation, so we don't want band demos or solo playing. Even if you don't want to play, upload something just for fun and see what people think of it.
Discuss the audio
You can make comments, suggest titles and ways to describe the music, vote on the best suggestions, or give a 1-5 score. This is all just for fun. We want people to post audio here if they want to play at an Improvizone gig, but we will make up our own minds about inviting them, so you can be honest. All scores appear anonymously. If you are uploading audio and really feel the need to award yourself 5 at the same time, go ahead if you must. Personally I wouldn't, any more than I'd drop my trousers in Piccadilly Circus and wrap a cellophane poster round my middle regions saying 15 inches. It just wouldn't be right.
Discuss these posts
Every so often I'll stick something up here, giving you something to turn to as a last resort if you're so bored, you'd try ice cream with ketchup just for entertainment. Other people will be able to post stuff soon. Their posts will probably be much more interesting.
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