4th gig: Tuesday 29 May 2007

Andrew Booker 2007-05-23 16:08:48

Imbibe, 173 Blackfriars Road, SE1 8ER.
Nearest tube Southwark, nearest rail Waterloo East, buses 45, 63 and 100 stop right outside.
Free admission. Playing starts 7.30pm, finishes some time between 10-10:30pm.

Appearing this month are

Mike B and Os work together as Darkroom. Mike C played some great bass with us a couple of months ago and appears on the downloads from that gig. Simeon Harris is the first musician to play at an Improvizone gig whom I've not yet met, so I'm looking forward to this one especially. Os will be applying live treatments to audio feeds from all of us, including me. Given that I will be recording everything too, the wiring diagram is going to be monster.

Here's the set list.

Not worried about timings of the sections any more, it all seems to take care of itself on the night. Sharp-eyed iZ-blog scrutinists will notice two departures from the usual gig schedules. One, we'll have two installments of everyone playing. Much as I like shuffling people around to keep it moving and keep it interesting, I suspect all musicians are much the same as me, in that if we've turned up to play at a gig, let's play. Two, why not make full use of the two genuine loopers by having a mini-interval where one/the other/both leave(s) something going in the background, for about ten minutes.

If you are a musician, are interested in improvising and would like to play at an Improvizone gig in the future, we want to hear from you. Doesn't matter what you play, so long as it goes through an amplifier, which you must have. Here's what to do.

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