5th gig: 26 June 2007 at Imbibe, SE1

Andrew Booker 2007-06-12 22:07:17

This month's gig at Imbibe will feature the following.

As usual, playing starts 7.30pm, finishing sometime after 10pm. Admission free. No I can't believe you get an evening of such cool music for free either.

And as usual, we like to have a lineup set list running order thing for me to completely forget about and disregard in the midst of joyous playing. This month, let the plan we will almost certainly not stick to be:

The interval last time was nice, so we'll do it again but cap it at 10 minutes max, lest people think it's all over and clear off.

I have polished the crystal ball with capon fat, shaken the tealeaves and watched them adopt precisely the shape of the arse end of Cerberus, and can conclude from these prophetic ministrations that the gig will be terrific. Also we should have free CDs to hand out this time.

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