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Andrew Booker 2007-07-11 12:23:23

We've started to properly spread out copies of something for everyone now. At the last gig, while I wasn't sitting in the corner having my posture and the thin strands of hair on my crown examined by a low-resolution video recording device, I took time to totter about the audience dishing out copies to unanimously enthusiastic recipients, who no doubt took the item home, put it under a pile of the previous week's junk mail, and clean forgot about it by the time they threw the bolts on the front door and went off to bed.

Since the gig, distribution has been progressing to a select several shops/cafes in London, wherein culturally inquisitive personages might happen across it, pick it up, go "Oooey, this looks interesting" and finally get round to checking us out on the web. The day after our next gig.

So far Os has been covering the Soho music shops, while I have tucked a few into places around the Brick Lane/Shoreditch area. There are still many more locations to be covered, such as the Borough/Waterloo area, Islington, Notting Hill, the Denmark St music shops, any other music shops I can think of or track down, and so on. Last and least, if there are any leftover CDs, Camden. I've heard it's a musical place.

These are free CDs to encourage people in London to come to Improvizone gigs. To collect your copy, loiter around the abovementioned areas looking out for fliers and things, because you might find a small cluster of SE1s there too. If you live in London, and live near any kind of shop/cafe/library/whatever that looks like it might be a good place to position a neat pile of our round silvery goodies, please get in touch. If it's close enough I'll go there myself, unless you offer to have me post them to you so you can install them yourself :)

Otherwise, for example if you live in the US, to where our (probably lying) web stats are leading me to believe most of our downloads are going, you can still get a copy of the CD by purchasing it from our shop for the negligible monetary imposition of a mere one pound sterling. Plus postage. The unit cost of these items was around 46p (manufactured by Amstore), so I have no shame in confirming that we will use your purchase to recoup a little of the outgoings for this entertaining yet experimental marketing ruse.

So, in summary, here's how you can get hold of this CD.

By the way, in case you think all these will just end up in the bin, I came across this last week, courtesy of Dogs_Body.

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