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Andrew Booker 2007-01-18 23:17:34

I thought you might be interested in one or two of the shockingly unorthodox ways we do things here.

No logins
Unlike almost every other interactive site in the whole interwebospshere, right now you do not need a login to do anything on this site. I realise this policy is open to abuse and may turn round and bite us on both buttocks, but at the present time, it's nothing we can't handle. We use cookies and IP addresses to remember contributors. We ask for an email address from people who upload audio, for reasons outlined in the next paragraph. The site is moderated, and we don't feel the need to take any more extensive steps than that to keep the place clean. If you can't or don't have cookies enabled on your browser, firstly, poor you, get your own computer and jolly well visit whatever exotic sites you want, I say. Secondly, all it means is that you might have to keep typing in your name if you want to contribute. Possibly, depending on what enhancements make it onto the site, later on it might mean you can't see the track scores. Which would be a great shame, it's true.
Email addresses
If you're uploading audio, there are a few reasons why we need your email address. Firstly, it's because we send you an upload confirmation email, with a special URL in case you want to remove your audio later on. Secondly, if we want you to play, we need to be able to contact you. Thirdly, we might be setting up a way people can mail you through the site, in case anyone hears what you've posted and wants to offer you two thousand pounds sterling and a beach hut in Clacton. I should just ignore them. It's a dull place.

You are welcome to leave your email address in any of the other posting areas besides the track upload area. If we have your email address, we will contact you about Improvizone gigs. We will never display your email address on the site or give it anybody. This is because the creator of this site is a human too, with several inboxes, all of which are quickly giving him a complex about his ability to maintain a stance under coital circumstances.
Posting content
You can type freely into any of the comments boxes, but we keep a close eye on what people are saying. More in the next paragraph. You cannot post HTML or scripts. What a surprise. This is to stop people known as floggers (fake bloggers = advertising). I have enough spam in my inbox without it turning up on here as well. I have no issue with people quoting their site URL if they have posted audio, but you cannot format it as a nice link.
Site moderation
If anyone posts anything illegal, offensive or just totally off-topic, we declare it our duty to take it off immediately without explaining why. Unless you really ask for it, in which case I shall be happy to oblige. It was shit. OK?


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