How to take part

Andrew Booker 2007-02-04 00:08:14

An Improvizone evening features around half a dozen musicians. We are always looking for new people to contribute. If you would like to play at an Improvizone gig, here are the different ways you can do it.

Submit some audio
If you're going to play at a gig, we all need to know that you are happy with improvising. The best way for us to find this out is if you submit some audio to the downloads page. It needs to be a recording of an improvisation featuring you and at least one other person. Don't worry about the quality. Record it on your phone if you want. I know, record it onto that nice 4-bit sampler your uncle Derrick bought you when you were six. Doesn't matter, so long as what you're playing is presentable. Try and keep it relatively short, although a quick glance through the downloads list will show you I'm not very good at this.

Uploading audio is the best way to contribute to an Improvizone evening. Not only are you making everyone believe that you can turn in a good performance, you're also enhancing this site, increasing the likelihood of people turning up to listen to you.

Once you've put up some audio, people should start listening to it and giving you feedback. It doesn't matter whether that feedback is good or bad. We'll make up our own minds, and fit you into a gig if we can. That decision may bear no relation to the rating on the downloads page, although if we think what you've posted truly sucks, it is likely other site contributors will think the same. Bear in mind the reason people post audio might just be for fun, rather than because they want to play, and we don't mind which it is. Therefore we will not contact anyone who has uploaded to say we don't want them, because we don't know for sure that they wanted to play in the first place.
Contact us
If you don't have the means to record, don't worry. Get in touch with us and tell us about what you do musically. Remember, we're interested in improvising, and you should be too, so 20 years of playing nothing but session parts and covers might not convince us. And I will just be jealous.
Turn up
We don't really want you to do this, but as a last resort, such as if you've found out about us three hours before a gig, turn up with your instrument and some effects. You need to come and find one of us before the playing starts. We can't guarantee you'll be able to play, because we may be full already, but we'll try and fit you in if we can. Don't do this if you have submitted audio but have not heard from us yet.
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