Music for the 3rd Millennium

Andrew Booker 2007-08-10 17:28:44

It's unlikely there will be an Improvizone gig in August. However, should the gaping cultural hole normally occupied by your free monthly ambient music fix seem too hollow and desolate for comfort, you could try the new Music for the 3rd Millennium project set up by electronic musician Mark Jenkins. The first M3M gig is on Saturday 25 August 2007 at the Swiss Church, 79 Endell Street, WC2H 9DY. In Mark's own words:

The show consists of an "open channel" session followed by two main acts, for the first show Alquimia & Mark Powell (world music, voice & electronics) then Ghosts of Mars (my new ambient techno act). Psychedelic visuals by Mindlobster.

We already have two open channel acts, CJ Wray (ambient keyboards) and the excellent Jim Lampi (Chapman Stick & laptop). There is the possibility of fitting in one more short one if anyone would like to do a really simple-to-set-up ten-minute showcase. Following shows (Sep 22, Oct 27 and Nov 24) will all have open channel slots available.

I was tempted to offer Mark a ten-minute duo slot of me and one of the Improvizone regulars, like Michael Bearpark. The trouble is, ten minutes is about one twelfth of the time it would take me to drive to the gig, park, unpack the kit, set it up, pack it away again afterwards and drive back home, to say nothing of the typical yawning gap between soundchecking and performance. Call me a prima donna, but in Improvizone gigs the playing to roadie-ing ratio for me is pretty good by comparison, sometimes 50% or more.

I certainly want to watch this gig though. If you go to the gig too, feel free to post some comments about it below :)

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