7th gig: Tuesday 28 August at the Plough, E17

Andrew Booker 2007-08-20 18:09:09

The players at this impromptu gathering will be

Originally, this session was just going to be a rehearsal room recording. Although these are always nice zero-pressure things to do, they are a tiny bit of a waste of time, since if the music is worth recording, it's worth playing in public rather than behind closed doors. We've missed the main listings deadlines for this one by several weeks, but will have a lot of fun generating material for downloads in front of anyone who happens to be there.

Nick was keen to keep the recording as a trio, but now that it has become more of a gig, we might bring in the odd guest. Or we might not. We can easily make enough noise even in pairs.

Catch the ambient master while you can, because this will be Simeon's last Improvizone gig before he moves away to Wales. I didn't think the previous gigs had gone that badly. Hey ho.

By the way, The Plough is dead easy to get to. Take the Chingford train from Liverpool Street. 20 minutes later, get off at Wood Street. Alternatively take the Victoria Line to Walthamstow Central and then go one stop on the train to Wood Street. Turn left out of the station, and 20 seconds later you will be in the pub ordering from a nice selection of ales and lagers, possibly served via one of those nice porcelain pump extravagances.

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