8th gig: Tuesday 25 Sept 2007 at The Plough, E17

Andrew Booker 2007-09-13 17:09:42

Live music will emanate from the back room of The Plough, a pub in Upper Walthamstow, on Tuesday 25 September 2007. Improvizone (that's us) will be playing. Specifically, the following players are involved.

Newcomer Jack has been waiting for at least 2 months for me to get myself sorted out and invite him, so here he is at last. Nick and Tim are both semi-regulars and have sourced many a decent waveform towards multiple classy recordings for the downloads page. It's possible we might squeeze in a fifth player, but it was a squash last month with just four of us at our current stopover, The Plough, 173 Wood Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3NU.

For the set list, Nick is pretty good at driving the groups without me, so I expect to be taking a few long breaks from playing while the others sweat their way through entertaining us for the whole evening. Something like the following might work.

Just an idea. If you follow the gig writeups you'll know we don't take the set list too seriously. The idea is to encourage variation throughout the evening and keep the gig moving, and there's nothing like taking the electronic drummer off the stage to sweeten up the gig and get the creativity and lush ambiences happening. However, it's often best to play this by ear rather than pull the plug on a setup that's working well for the sake of sticking to a schedule I took eight seconds cobbling together in the middle of fabricating this article. Remember I don't just play the drums. Oh no. I also wind up all the guitarists by suggesting we play the next piece in B flat. Dorian. (Nobody ever knows what Dorian mode means. If you do, and you're not a drummer, there's a slot for you in the October gig.)

If you've not been to The Plough before, it's really easy to get to. Take the Chingford train from Liverpool Street. 20 minutes later, get off at Wood Street, turn left out of the station, and 20 seconds later you will be ordering the European lager of your choice.

Alternatively take the Victoria Line to Walthamstow Central and then go one stop on the train to Wood Street, then see above. Bear in mind that may be the way you arrive, but it won't be the way you get back, because the Victoria Line closes at 10pm these days. Something about the train drivers not going to bed early enough... yes, that was it. And avoid the 230 bus, even though it stops right outside, unless you're travelling from within Walthamstow. Judging by the Tottenham Hale one-way system of late, you would need to get on it at Wood Green by about 6pm in order to arrive at The Plough just in time for last orders (midnight).

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