Expression pots and hits

Andrew Booker 2007-09-25 15:17:56

As foretold, I didn't get my ramp/oscillator thing ready for tonight's gig. Life immitates blog.

However, by way of preparation for introducing the ramp/oscillator later on, I did get one important thing done. I wired two 10K variable resistors (pots) to the expression pedal inputs on the SPD-S and the DP4, and got them both working. This means that when I eventually finish the rampillator, it's plug and go. Or plug-and-buy-new SPD-S after burning out its expression pedal input buffer. We shall see.

The SPD-S is the multipad thing to the left of the kit, as you would see it from the drum stool (one day I'm going to have to explain how the kit works). The DP4 is my aging effects unit whose capability I must be using about a hundredth. It is not MIDI-ed up to the laptop, so I'm just going to be using its expression pot to control one of its filter cutoffs. The SPD-S is MIDI-ed up to the laptop, and after a fair amount of buggering about with Cubase at the weekend, I managed to get it to connect a MIDI controller signal to an automation target (eg volume, pan, effects parameters etc). This is not trivial. You have to add a generic controller device, then create a mapping between the controller (the SPD-S expression) and the automation item, which right now is the frequency controller for the Bojo ring modulator, which I'll be using on one of my drum signals. Wait, I missed a step. You have to spend about an hour reading the Cubase online help first. Oh, and you can't save the mapping in the project either. You have to export it to an xml file, and make sure you remember to reload it before you start playing. Apart from that it seems to work... except I haven't tried recording like this yet. Tonight I'll be finding out if it all works, or if I can crash Cubase under a deluge of MIDI controller signals.

The gig is definitely going ahead, in case you've tried looking at the Plough website, or Googling something like live music walthamstow, and found nothing in either. The Plough website I (hope I) can do something about. The Walthamstow sweet live music internet awareness campaign needs... well I don't think it needs piles of free CDs in every record shop, much as I am tempted to repeat that experiment.

The site hits have behaved oddly this month. Not quite the end of September yet, but have a look at this picture. You can see there are five parallel measurements going on here. They are unique visitors (orange), number of visits (yellow), pages (blue), hits (turquoise) and bandwidth (green). The first gig was in February and it's nice to see things have been on the increase since then... until now. Look how there are barely half the unique visitors for this month compared with July. Because the rest of the traffic measurements are more or less on course, and because I have a separate admin error screen that tells me, I think there is a good reason for this rather than a worrying one, which is that we are getting far fewer attempted spam postings than before. We used to average 30-40 blocked postings per day. Now it's fewer than 10.

That said, maybe we were a more attractive target with a gig in an SE1 postcode than we are in E17. I don't have much evidence for that, except for the gumtree gig listings, from which we used to get a several referrals for the Imbibe gigs. We don't seem to be getting any from my recent listings of the Plough gigs.

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