Download 1 from 05 Feb 2009 at The Plough E17

Tense climactic ambient swell

Added 2009-03-31 22:30:39

Classic Improvizone from about 10 minutes into the 05 Feb 2009 gig at the Plough. This gets lovely and intense after about 4 minutes, even better when I abandon the cymbals all too briefly. It then settles into a calmer outro that has all the inevitable beauty of the drums shutting up. Nick provides a bit of tension by shifting around underneath the minor key harmony, Mike plucks his usual enigmatically poignant yet circumspect phrases, while Os daubs the whole thing in his elusive lush processing. For the mix, I gently pulled the plug before it turned into something else.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums/vocal loop)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Nick Cottam (bass)
Os (keyboard/laptop)

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