Download 1 from 23 May 2008 at The Design Museum SE1

Tech-ambient exploration with disorganised percussion pulse

Added 2009-04-09 22:47:38

From our 23 May 2008 gig at the Design Museum, when we played quiet ambient music from the bottom of a stairwell. This one grew out of something 33% faster, as you can hear at the beginning before the cymbals come in. The percussion is a bit shakey throughout this one, because I'm still playing to the original click at the other speed. And because I'm no good. Os and Steve keep the rest of it interesting for nine whole minutes, doing... I'm not sure what... I've got the audio master tracks and I still don't know. I guess this is the whole point of ambient music.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums/vocal loop)
Os (laptop)
Steve Lawson (bass)

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