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Infinite guitar takes over, followed by Scandanavian musical box.

Added 2009-05-29 14:00:26

Quite a sweet ending to our 08 April 2009 gig, even if we did go on for a bit longer on the night. Mike provides the two big themes in this one. After a few minutes of hamonically ambiguous atmospheric groove, he fades in an overwhelming infinite guitar loop. While I was mixing this I assumed the loop was coming from Os, and couldn't understand why turning him up didn't make the track any better. It's because Mike was doing the whole thing himself. I've taken out the percussion by this point, but there's still a bit of a mess that gradually cleans itself up underneath the mesmerising whirl of guitar. That would have then been it, but there is a third section which Mike drives with a totally different hi-tech Scandanavian music box of a phrase. We gradually disintegrate around it.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Nick Cottam (bass)
Simon Laffy (guitar)
Os (keyboard/EWI/laptop)

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