Download 1 from 20 May 2009 at The Plough E17

rock guitar in ambient nectar

Added 2009-07-23 23:38:51

Stunning section from about 20 minutes into our 20 May 2009 gig at the Plough. This was the second gig by this quintet, and was generally excellent. I've been trying to listen to the complete gig but I've hardly made it past this section. Its magic ingredient is the double-act between Mike and Os, with the picked guitar line transposed up one heavenly octave. The Laffsta has a slightly intense heavy guitar sound, but he never overplays. Nick is happy to state the chord progression when he needs to, and do nothing else. The percussion is virtually absent, except at the end. I was playing just the SPD-S and remember finding it a bit limiting. But the evidence here is that I should stick with not being able to clatter about. Also I quite like the falling pitches from my simple laptop drum software, which makes its debut here.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Nick Cottam (bass)
Simon Laffy (guitar)
Os (keyboard/EWI/laptop)

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