Download 1 from 31 Mar 2010 at The Plough E17

Sleazy trumpet sandwiches slice of old-school guitar-bass-drums

Added 2011-05-12 22:01:20

From about half an hour into our 31 Mar 2010 gig at the Plough, E17. I selected this segment because of the rocky guitar-bass-drums featurette, introducing guest bassist Ken Whaley. But when it came to souping up Simon's trumpet for the mix, I liked his pre- and post-amble a great deal. His economical, cool delivery and phrasing get a new dirty edge here. For the filling, Ken and I weave busily around underneath Mike's unhurried soloing, while Os keeps the ambient backing slowing mutating and pulsating.

Andrew Booker (acoustic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Os (keyboard/laptop)
Simon Taylor (trumpet)
Ken Whaley (bass)

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