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Nearly-all chillout trumpet over backing rhythm stasis

Added 2011-06-05 22:31:03

An hour into the 31 Mar 2010 gig and we're doing pretty much what I like us doing best. Starting at the bottom, the percussion patters away abstractly, the drums supplemented by Os's light plucky beats. Ken keeps it steady on the bass, Mike introduces the tracks then steps to one side as Simon drifts his trumpet around on the other. Os slowly builds more sequenced backing to his atmospherics, the drums get very slightly busier, but the whole thing just about sticks within the bounds of something you could describe as chillout. Most of the time.

Andrew Booker (acoustic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Os (keyboard/EWI/laptop)
Simon Taylor (trumpet)
Ken Whaley (bass)

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