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feelgood jazz-rock chillout

Added 2007-03-21 00:34:56

If you can tune out the crackles, this is from the very end of the first gig. Mike and Tibo exert their completely different styles in the first bit, then Tim puts some quiet rhythm guitar during the dropdown while I'm tapping on drum pads that play string pads. I had a vague idea the pads were in some kind of compatible key. Only Nick is represented badly here. I had almost no bass signal on his channel, so we're listening to him through the room mic. From the next room, it sounds more like. Muddier than an a rock festival in a ploughed field. Shame, because he plays a really solid, no-nonsense groove, and does exactly the perfect thing in the dropdown. Listen out for Tibo's vocal processing in that bit too.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Tibo Remy (guitar)
Tim Williams (guitar)
Nick Cottam (bass)

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