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space disco in the everglades

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From the 28 March 2007 gig. This was everyone playing, and had been for getting on 20 mins. We were going to stop, but Mike B brought in that weird 60's electronica noise, an offer I couldn't refuse. Mike B is on the left, Scott in the centre and Tim on the right, all underpinned by Mike C's funky Karn-esque bass. Something I was thinking all the way through, and that shows up really well here, is how distinct the playing of the three guitarists is, each adding something completely different and equally good, each clearly discernible. And because we're not wall-of-noise apROCKalyptic death metalheads, at least not on a Tuesday evening at Imbibe, this is good thing.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Scott Davitt (guitar)
Tim Williams (guitar)
Michael Captain (bass)

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