Download 3 from 26 Jun 2007 at Imbibe SE1

planar ambient groove with Mt Guitarsolo (5632m) towering on the horizon

Added 2007-07-09 20:39:14

From the 26 June 2007 gig. After modest ambient bar music beginnings, Simeon breaks into an incendiary guitar solo. Either he's feeling pretty good about something by this point, or is totally arsed off with the whole shebang. Clearly we must do our best to make him feel that way more often, whichever. And then we're back down to the linear ambient-with-beats groove we started with. Two of our three video recording devices were operative at this point (anyway the third would have been pointing in the wrong direction)... I'll see what I can do:)

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Simeon Harris (guitar)
Simon Laffy (bass guitar)

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