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Soundscapes go for a spin

Added 2007-07-26 23:30:44

Another from 26 June 07, and a prequel to the previous upload from that gig. Tim (Williams) was also playing acoustic on this one, but was so completely overwhelmed by the two electric guitarists, the cleanest thing to do was to take him out of the mix. I guess we don't get any less chillout than this, probably my fault for picking up on Mike's intro with a fast rock beat. Then again, you can't appreciate the chillout if you don't throw in a little turbulence occasionally for contrast. That's not was I was thinking at the time, of course, I was just having a bit of fun.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Simeon Harris (guitar)
Simon Laffy (bass)

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