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swirling uptempo build-up

Added 2007-11-27 01:57:09

Half an hour from the end of the first Ember gig (14 Nov 07). Lovely section from about 1:50, thanks to a fantastic phrase from Mike B (L) and some great ghoulish accompaniment from Michael P (R) on his MIDI sounds, before he moves onto picked guitar. Loses its way slightly in the middle, suffering a bit from some lurching drumming (having to re-sync with the click track), but recovers towards the end, when it reminds me why I don't like to describe what we do as jamming. Shame to fade this out, it becomes another section, as hinted by Os's sub-bass in the last few seconds. It was all pretty good right till the end of the gig... maybe another free CD :)

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Michael Peters (guitar)
Os (keyboard/laptop)

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