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Swamp explorers on adrenaline. For a bit.

Added 2007-12-17 13:34:26

From near the end of the 28 Nov 07 gig at Ember. Dark, murky and ominous to begin with, with sub-bass from Os (go on, ditch the earphones, bring on the woofers), it's worth hearing how it develops, always managing to be not entirely unpleasant, dropping down into loitering guitar and persistent rhythm section, closing after Os joins back in with layers of reverse-guitar samples. Mike sources a lot of the interest, but notice the Laffsta's understated but playful bass towards the end. Not quite sure this would be everyone's idea of chillout, but hey. Light and shade, light and shade...

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Simon Laffy (bass)
Os (keyboard/laptop)

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