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smooth fast ambient rock

Added 2008-05-20 20:52:43

Nice to hear Simeon back in the downloads list. This is one of the only fragments from his first gig with us at Imbibe on 29 May 07 that we have not yet used. Everything else is either already up, or went onto the SE1 CD. One reason for leaving this out might have been that I didn't exactly call it chillout, although compared to some of our less accessible improvisations this is full-on commercial. Another reason is that I hadn't got Simeon's levels right yet. The clipping that spoils his beautiful ambient stereo is my fault. Also, I remember having a hard time maintaining the unfaltering up-tempo pace, and boy can you hear it. The rhythm section is not tight here. Despite those, it's mellow and easy on the ear without being too cheesy.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Captain (bass)
Simeon Harris (guitar)

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