Download 1 from 15 Jan 2008 at The Plough E17

slow rock hammering with psychedelic violin

Added 2008-05-22 21:00:20

From 15 Jan 08 at the Plough. This gig is unusual in that it is the only guitarless gig to date, and the only one where I did not upload anything from it afterwards. I wasn't necessarily going to, we were due to play the next day, and we were trying out a couple of new people at this one. The gig was fun and musically not bad, but had a higher-than normal proportion of driving up-tempo stuff, aided and abetted by Nick and Oli, rather than the ambient chillout direction we advertise. This is one section where we play a bit more slowly at least, even if we still don't get to the pleasant chillout bit. Oli is doing the swirl noises, Nick rumbles several metres down in the Earth's crust, I bash around on distorted drums and long-release midi notes, and Peter scatters his heavily processed melancholy violin towards the back of the mix. It's got something. In fact listening to this encourages me to revisit this gig and get some more material out of it.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Nick Cottam (bass)
Peter Sellars (electric violin)
Oli Mayne (Roland Sh101 synth/ Kaoss Pad)

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