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Extended intro/outro with chugging, burbling and clattering

Added 2008-07-24 16:08:43

From near the end of the 04 June 2008 gig, sounding like an extended intro morphing into an extended outro, without worrying about a middle bit. The lightly distorted drums don't settle until at least 2 minutes in, then calm down quickly after that, before going off for a few splashes towards the end. Os's ambient processing and rhythmic chugging work as well as ever, and it's always great, just as the rhythm section change gear eg at 5:14, to hear Mike come in with another new sound. Especially when you have to remind yourself it's coming from a guitar.

Andrew Booker (electronic drums)
Michael Bearpark (guitar)
Nick Cottam (bass)
Os (keyboard/laptop)

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